Feeling a little green…

6 03 2013

It’s with excitement that I’m blogging this week from the Greener Cities Challenge conference in Sydney, Australia’s premier ‘Green’ conference.

Considering the theme is ‘sustainability challenge’, The day started by getting into the spirit of things. The morning began with a session of yoga (kind of… I could see people doing yoga from the hotel window!), a quick hunt around the hotel room to turn all the lights and power switches off, and a sustaining breakfast, before navigating my way around Sydney’s public transport system to the Sydney Convention Centre for the conference… Sustainable morning? Tick!

The day begins with a key note speech from Gunter Pauli, an entrepreneur and activist from South Africa. We talk about human beings having great capacity… This man speaks seven languages fluently, and has become a world leading entrepreneur on the basis of transforming waste products into products of competitive, sustainable and social value. Simply inspiring!

Farming maggots on the waste products of abattoirs to cure diabetes and providing one of the worlds richest sources of protein (maggot saliva!), growing mushroom fields on unused waste from coffee plantations, turning coffee plants into clothing and carpet, making paper from rock… Gunter’s view is that we need to focus on doing more good, rather than less bad http://www.gunterpauli.com/

The key message that stands out clearly so far is that a subtle change in the way we do business is not going to drive us along the path of a sustainable future. We need a rethink, of everything… from the way we structure our tax systems to the way we flush our toilets.

With over half the worlds population living in Cities for the first time in human history, and an overwhelming percentage of CO2 generated from our Cities, a cleaner city is a cleaner planet… So what an we do to rethink the way we do our business in our little City?

I’ll be blogging for the next couple of days on all of the interesting themes explored throughout the conference… Please follow along 🙂




One response

6 03 2013
Paddi Creevey

Hello Rhys. Great ideas for action. Look forward to further Updates. Regards Paddi

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