Vibrant Cities Crusade

16 01 2013

My partner Monique and I, along with our local Mandurah friends Caris and Brandon, are on a five week adventure with Uncle Sam, on a crusade through the United States, starting in California and working our WA West, to discover the meaning to vibrant cities, and to learn some tips to bring home with us to help shape Mandurah’s personality, culture end identity in the future.

One of the first things we noticed is that, while the USA isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, they certainly ‘get’ the word vibrancy. On every corner of these larger than life cities, cities like Los Angeles, Hollywood and San Francisco, we were entertained by talented (and not so talented) buskers, or summoned by a fortune teller claiming to know our deepest secrets. We were offered funky looking street food (whether it was edible or not though is probably a different matter :p) while we admired the views of Alcaztraz or the Hollywood walk of fame. You can see, touch and smell the personality of these Cities; their diversity and culture oozing from every street.

So far, while being blown away by what this country has to offer on so many fronts, we have often compared our experiences to home, and find ourselves commenting on what makes our micro- metropolis such a great place to be. The reality is, we have a perfect canvas for building a fun, vibrant City, with unique personality and a culture and identity of its own: and what the Americans have taught me so far is that it isn’t big economies or large populations that makes a place a great place to be. It’s the small things, a collective vision and some large ambition.



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