The Most Magical Place on Earth…

16 01 2013

When you think of Disney World, coined as the most magical place on Earth, you think of fun, adventure and childhood dreams. It’s a place where, no matter the age you are before you enter the park, your eight year old inner child comes to life as you enter through the gates and get your first glance at the Magical Castle that preluded all of your favourite childhood films. The smell of sugar and popcorn fills the air, and happy people of all walks of life wander around with a smile plastered from ear to ear (although I did notice the parents smiles slowly fading as the day wore on).

As we hit up the roller coasters, participated in street parades, chased our favourite characters through the streets for photos, and ate our fair share of fairy floss, it was impossible not to get caught up in the magic of it all. Yep, if Disney World was a City (and less face it, its economy probably matches that of a small country), it would be the happiest City in the world.

This got me thinking about home, and what it takes to create that vibe that makes people happy. The things that people love about their cities are often in addition to what we need in our cities. The road systems and the rubbish collections in Disney Land are important, and without them the place would be a disaster, but these things aren’t the reason for that fun-filled vibe, and the same goes for cities I think. This creates a challenge, but for me it emphasises the importance of having strong community events, a focus on tourism and creating opportunities for people to enjoy themselves, balanced with the focus on providing good services to the community.

In the words of the Dennis Danuto, the lawyer from The Castle, “it’s just… the vibe of the thing”.



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